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Core Product Range
Core Products

Core Product Range

Supply Chain Solution
Supply Chain Solution

Fasteq limited are major suppliers of Hardware and Class C components to the Aircraft, Electronic and Automotive Industry. We will if given the opportunity, commit to taking major costs out of your supply chain and reducing your overall spend on Hardware and Class C components.

Technical Specifications

Core Product Range

Fasteq are market leaders in the field of provision of technical data, product/supplier information, and standards to industry worldwide. Please click on the product for specifications. Call our technical sales department on

Fasteq now stock Fully Certified Machine Screws, Socket Screws & Hexagon Nuts to A2-70 or A4-80 tensile strength to BS, DIN or ISO. These come with full batch tracabilty and start from 2mm diameter.

Fasteq Can supply and certify product to the following industry standards;

British Standards - link to
DIN Standards -
ISO Standards -
MS Parts Parts -
NAS Stanadard Parts -
NSN Standard Parts -


We can also supply and certify to the following MOD requirements;

5900E General Electric
A and AS British Standards
ABS and ASNA Airbus Standards
AGS British Standards
AS Rolls Royce Standards / SBAC Standards
AX Rolls Royce
B Rolls Royce
BAS Concorde
BD, BDA, BDC, BDD, BDE, BK, BLT, BR, BRR Rolls Royce
CA American Standards
CSP Jaguar
CU Rolls Royce
DHS British Aircraft Only
DIN Eurofighter Standards
DON German National Standards
EF GKN Westland / Augusta
EN Rolls Royce / AECMA Standards
EU Rolls Royce
FON Fokker / Shorts
GTS Lucas Aerospace
J General Electric
JJ Rolls Royce
JN Eurofighter Standards
JRA Rolls Royce
K, KB, KU Rolls Royce
LGPL / MLGPL Lockbolts
LK, LU, LW Rolls Royce
LN German National Standards
MBBN German National Standards
MDS GKN Westland
MS SAE (US) Standards / American Rivets
NA American Metric Standards
NAS American National Standards
NSA Airbus Standards
NSN NATO Stock Numbers
PAN Panavia Tornado
PSC Phillips Screw Standards
RK, RU, RUA, RU Rolls Royce
S and SL Hawk and HS146
SP British Standards
STD Harrier
UA Italian Standards
VGS BAC 1-11 / VC10
WG GKN Westland

We can also supply these Manufacturers Products.